First film blunder yet also my first happy accident film shot.


The journey of shooting Medium Format  takes it’s first speed bump of sorts. On this day (see previous post Meeting Lindsay Adler) I set out to shoot 32 shots (2 rolls of film). Unfortunately I made my first booboo working with film. After I shot the first roll and was preparing to store it away and insert the 2nd roll, I accidentally dropped the roll and the roll of film unraveled a bit. After a nano-second heart attack, I quickly grabbed the roll and tighten it up so it was tight again and put the roll away.  I inserted the 2nd roll into the insert and kept shooting.

The first set of images were all from the 2nd roll of film and at the end a surprise from the 1st roll I destroyed.

And here is the only image that was usable from that first roll that was destroyed…which i absolutely love. It was my first happy accident. Although i know i lost some great images that were on that roll of film. . . i would have never gotten this image. I love the double exposure effect it ended up with. Let me know what you think.

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