NY FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY | Carlton Park Restaurant

Client & Venue: Carlton Park Restaurant, Brooklyn NY
NY Food Photographer: David Lara | Lara Photography Studio

Beyond the Wedding and Fashion projects I photograph, I truly do enjoy when I have the opportunity to photograph food regardless if its for a client or personal. A great photograph of a dish has the power to ignite the inner most hunger of a person. People’s mouths become watery at the sight of a good food photograph. Its really one of those guilty pleasures in life, hey at least you don’t consume any calories by looking at it.

Gear Talk: For this shoot I used three lenses, the Nikon 24-70mm AFS for the wide architecture shots and some of the wide shots of the dishes, the Nikon 60mm AFD Macro lens for the close up shots of the dishes, and the Nikon 50mm 1.8 AFD for some of the dishes, although after a few shots I stook to the macro lens the rest of the way.

We were asked later on to come back and shoot once again for Carlton Park Restaurant (See photos from the second photo session HERE), 

CLIENT: Carlton Park Resturant
PROJECT: Shoot Food & Venue Photos for website use


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